09 Apr

CACLiTA Cameroon

The correct role of government in a free society is to create an environment where individuals and businesses can go about their lawful duties unimpeded most especially by exorbitant taxes, corruption and ‘bad governance’. Government has to put in place a legal framework which caters for the business concerns of entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs. This may sound discriminatory, but the truth is that women are the most affected vulnerable group in most business milieus especially in Central Africa.

Central African governments seem much uninvolved in furnishing an adequate environment for female entrepreneurs to carry out businesses. No wonder only a small percentage of individual economic activities involving female entrepreneurs get to cross borders within the region, making a ridicule of the Central African trading zone which benefits very little from the eleven-member sub regional trading bloc, the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS).

ECCAS is an Economic Community of…

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