Filmmaker aims to explode Africa ‘bombs and bullets’ myth, By Sheena McKenzie for CNN, 25 July 2012

28 Jul

Africa is poor, corrupt and rural. Right? Think again. A team of young documentary makers is hoping to burst the myth of Africa as a dangerous backwater by shining a light on some inspiring projects taking place on the continent.

When filmmaker Nosarieme Garrick hit the streets of New York to ask passersby: “What do you know about Africa?” the overwhelming response was “not a lot.”

“It’s very big, very hot. Most of Africa’s impoverished. I’m pretty ignorant to Africa,” admitted one man.

“I know about some human rights violations, some wars and genocides,” was the bleak answer from another woman.

It was a dismal reflection of many Western stereotypes surrounding Africa — one that Nosarieme is determined to change.

The 27-year-old hopes to launch an eight-part documentary series ‘My Africa Is’ — showcasing the continent through the eyes of its insiders.

Read more at  Filmmaker aims to explode Africa ‘bombs and bullets’ myth

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