Vast African Water Source Found, By NewsGuy, 22 July 22 2012

30 Jul

The underground water source is seen in blue.


Geologists have discovered a vast underground water source in Namibia that could turn the deserts of the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa green for centuries to come.

The aquifier, named Ohangwena II, flows between the border of Namibia and her neighbor to the north, Angola. On the Namibian side, it covers an area roughly 70 km by 40 km (43 miles by 25 miles),reports the BBC.

“The amount of stored water would equal the current supply of this area in northern Namibia for 400 years, which has about 40 percent of the nation’s population,” said Martin Quinger, from the German federal institute for geoscience and natural resources (BGR).

Read more at Vast African Water Source Found

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