Does suspending aid to Rwanda help in fixing the ‘deteriorating’ situation in eastern Congo ?, By Chofor Che, 9 August 2012

08 Aug

These are interesting discussions surrounding the suspension of aid from Rwanda by the international community especially the US.

Chofor Che It is time we forget about these pledges and financial support. Does Africa not have enough wealth. Why should the Rwandan Military rely on aid from the US anyway?

  • Patience Akenji · Georgetown University

    We have become too comfortable with foreign aid that we think it is our right to get it. We sell our talents and raw material close to nothing and expect generosity from the west. When we don’t have it, we really genuinely lash out right? How stupid and ridiculous.The west only aids where it has interests, when the interest is gone, the “aid” also goes. Grow up sweet Africa and stop playing the victim all the time.
    Chofor Che·Besides, how can UN investigators accuse the government of Rwanda for fueling the war in Eastern Congo when we also know that Western allies are involved in the war for natural resources.

    • Patience Akenji · Georgetown University

      Who is the UN? When you answer that question, then you will not ask your question. Chris, always remember it is a capitalist and very bureaucratic world. Humanitarianism is just an excuse and a shield for greed and self-centeredness.
    • Leo Man ·

      lol, Africans who still believe in the UN or pride themselves in working for this ‘wonderful’ organization are in for a rude awakening.
    • Patience Akenji · Georgetown University

      I think we all need to get there to understand a few home truths. I understand why it is easily said to hide any information from an African, put it in a book. We need it to be flushed in our faces. It just gets more disgraceful when African leaders just cant see the writing on the wall and continue playing desperate stooges for economic gains. I rest my case. This is depressing.
    • Joel Che Mangan · University of Portsmouth

      Kagame remains the only and the most outstanding African leader for many decades. No African leader can, i can think for the past 70 years can compete with his results and track record and only Mandela has inspired his people more. Rwanda has motives to interfere in Congo but those motives are only there if Congo is failing. The responsibility for a failing state falls on its leaders and those surrounding him.
    • Atemku Francis We kill ourselves out of unnecessary greed. It has blinded us we can hardly ever learn.

      James Whalen • I don’t particularly understand why Rwanda is messing around in this situation in the first place? Are they not still trying to put back together the mess in the 90s and work on Truth & Reconciliation where the main point is to get their domestic house in order? What am I missing from this? What does the Congo matter to them?

      Sean Bath • James, at least one of the militias in the Congo are Hutu-based. The Tutsi-led government of Rwanda may be pursuing Truth & Reconciliation domestically, but there is still friction with the armed Hutu groups just across the border in the Congo. I think its somewhat analogous to Israel bombarding positions in Lebanon not because of the Lebanese, but because of Hamas.

      That’s all I know, though.

      James Whalen • That’s something I did not know, thank you

      Chofor Che Christian-A • If the fighting in eastern Congo has a spill over effect and is affecting Rwanda, why should Kagame not intervene in eastern Congo? Besides we know of the western nations intervening in eastern Congo for several reasons.

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