Africa to benefit from 350 MW of Solar Power from Norwegian based group, Scatec Solar, By Chofor Che, 26 August 2012

26 Aug
A Norwegian solar company, Scatec Solar has showed interest in developing photovoltaic solar systems in Central and West Africa.


Scatec Solar is supported by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) InfraVentures, a member of the World Bank Group, with enough investment potential and capacity in local networks and knowledge.

‘Joining forces with IFC InfraVentures allows us to combine Scatec Solar’s know-how in photovoltaic development, installation and operations with IFC’s expertise in financing and working with governments in a region where limited supply of electricity is one of the major challenges for growth. We believe that this partnership will be of great value to the countries we work in by reducing the time required from project development to power generation’. alluded  Raymond Carlsen, Chief Executive Officer of Scatec Solar.

The rate of economic development and growth in Africa is the fastest in the world. All the same there remains a need to coordinate efforts towards developing the renewable energy sector on the continent. The continents of the world, including Africa most especially still rely on fossil energy. These are not only expensive, but also contribute for large quantities of carbon emissions every year.

Africa is blessed with a lot of sunshine, and therefore  the best resources of solar energy, making both thermal and photovoltaics excellent alternatives of energy .

Scatec Solar will finance, design, construct and operate solar power plants each with a minimum of 10 MW total installed capacity. The goal is to install 350 MW of solar within the next couple of years.

This solar energy initiative calls for collaboration from governments in Africa, which need to ensure that bureaucratic bottlenecks are curbed in making this dream come true. There is also need  for well qualified locals as well as international experts to be employed to achieve this initiative. If this initiative is well planned and free from a lot of bureaucratic strings, then Africa can benefit from the Scatec Solar energy initiative.


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