Local Councils : Specialised Institution For Personnel Created By Eulalia AMABO

04 Sep

>President Paul Biya in a decree on March 2, 2020 created the National School of Local Administration (NASLA) with headquarters in Buea.

As one of the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya in a decree on Monday March 2, 2020 has created a structure for the training of personnel in the domain of local governance called the National School of Local Administration and abbreviated NASLA. The decree of eight chapters and 78 Articles gives specificities on the creation, organisation and functioning of NASLA, with headquarters in Buea, South West Region. Placed under the technical control of the Ministry in charge of Decentralisation and financial authority of the Ministry in charge of Finance, NASLA, according to Article 2 of the decree shall be responsible for training personnel in ‘Local Administration.’ This implies the personnel will be schooled on the administrative management of councils, regions and other aspects of decentralised collectivities. The created institution replaces the Buea-based school that trained all staff of local governance in Cameroon popularly known by its French acronym CEFAM.

Chapter two of the Presidential decree clearly states NASLA will be administered by two organs; a Board of Directors and a General Direction with the necessary composition and duties of the aforementioned organs. Training at NASLA will operate under three main modules divided into Cycles A, B and C with each of the cycles having a training duration of two years after admission through a competitive entrance examination. Cycle A consists of training senior officials of local administration while Cycle B will train medium officials of local administration and Cycle B will train specialised agents of local administration. However, there exists the possibility of being trained in specific domains with a duration spanning between three and six months. The public structure of administrative and professional character has disciplinary council to manage cases of disruptive behavior.

NASLA’s creation, observers hold, is an exhibition of the will of the President of the Republic towards accelerating the process of decentralisation as Article 5 (1) says the establishment has as mission ensuring the professional training of personnel in domains specific to local administration in conformity with the general orientations defined by government.

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